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Push the green "automated sign up" button and you will have your own ibooka booking and reservation system.



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Thank you for deciding to see for yourself just how ibooka can help your business or organisation.  When you sign up for ibooka by clicking the signup button, on the right, your will be asked some basic questions about the booking site you want to create, such as what name you want for the site e.g. "fitness".  You will also be asked to confirm a license agreement, this is to protect the ibooka software and service and you will be able to see that you are not obligated to any costs or other commitments by this agreement.

When you have completed this stage you will have your own ibooka online booking and reservation site, in this example called  By now you should have also reviewed our Frequently Asked Questions section. The site is initially set to free trial mode and can only be set to live mode by manually changing the setting in the ibooka system parameters.  You can use the site completely free of costs and obligations for a period of around 30 days before you must either discuss an extension with ibooka or switch the system to live operation.

After the trial Ibooka is completely free of any software costs, computer costs and ongoing support fees, it is even hosted by ibooka so operations are also minimised.  It is a free personalised online booking web site for any size organisation, club or group.  The only ongoing usage cost is a few pennies per booking each time a customer books your service as your customer.

All the functionality of a comprehensive online and offline booking system without any software or support costs !  In fact the biggest challenge for ibooka is that ibooka's customers always look for the "catch" and that's why ibooka is provided with this completely free, no obligation trial for you to try the system out and see how well it helps improve service and footfall in their business.

Ibooka will even set up a trial system free of charge, assist with configuration questions and provide free "hand holding" at any time.  There are many booking systems available worldwide but only one that is not shared and completely free unless there are transactions that are bring revenue into the bowling centre !  You have nothing to lose but possibly huge gains from trying out an ibooka system.

In many cases ibooka are happy to provide initial configuration for customers and all of our customers get up to 6 hours (which is more than enough in all cases) of free hand holding and support, so please don't feel uncomfortable about asking us for help regarding any part of your system.

We hope that you find your ibooka system easy to use and that you get as much benefit from it as our other users around the world.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Now, simply push the green "automated sign up" button and you will have your own ibooka booking and reservation system.  Please also don't forget to download the User manual and check the online context sensitive help in ibooka.

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right click here and "save target as" to download the manual to your local PC.

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Request a FREE NO OBLIGATION set up and configuration by ibooka

Although we have many satisfied users, we know it can be a bit daunting to start off with any new software system. Therefore, ibooka offer a completely free, no obligation set up service for you.  Simply sign up for your site and then email us at Contact us to request your free set up. Remember to let us know if you have a web site and what its address is.

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Giving Back

ibooka's good causes program provides charities and registered good causes with completely free temporary ibooka systems to assist with events.  ibooka will even customise these sites for you.  Contact us for further details.


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