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Examples of ibooka use:

Golf Courses
Tennis Courts
Bouncy Castle Rental
Squash Courts
Veterinarian appointments
Car Rental
Training Courses
Dentist appointments
Hotel and Apartments
Driving Lessons
Garage appointments
Health Clubs
Football Pitch Rental
School Parents Evening
Doctors Surgery
Cinema Tickets
Restaurant Bookings
Any Sports Activity
Meeting Rooms
Local Gym
Rifle Clubs
Conference Sessions

and on and on

Use ibooka for just about any reservation, appointment, booking or service purchase requirement.  View more detail on the example uses on our
Solutions Page

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 ibooka Online Booking Solutions  
that save you time and money

Whatever your business, ibooka provides a booking solution that will save you time and money and it's so simple that your customers will love it.

What is ibooka !

The easiest way to understand ibooka is either:

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Review the demonstration systems for ibooka.  These let you look around and use real live ibooka systems that have been configured by some of our customers.  The only reason you use a separate demo version is because they don't want you making bogus bookings on their systems and therefore in many case have locked out non-registered customers.
Sport Charities Business Hotels
Fitness Clubs Medical Bowling

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Many companies make reservations, take bookings and manage customer appointments.  To offer this service to customers across the internet has many advantages, it frees up staff, you never miss a call from a potential customer wanting to book a service, clubs and companies can take bookings when they are closed, 24 hours a day and for a club, a business or a dentist to fill that early morning cancelled appointment at 2am the night before when someone is on the internet has obvious advantages.  However, online reservations systems are expensive, need specialised IT staff, need investments in computer equipment and take too long to implement when all people want to do is focus on the business they know and have that unique experience in  - their business.

The ibooka system is an online booking and registration system that all other kinds of organisations from golf clubs, through driving schools, squash clubs to conference centers, etc. control, it allows their customers to choose and select when the services they offer are available, from booking a golf tee time, a dentist appointment, a tennis court, a session at the gym or a conference suite to other services like when the wedding suite is available, a driving lesson or physiotherapy online.  The customers can then book (and if selected, pay in full or a deposit directly to the company or organisation via credit/debit card) through the secure web site.  The ibooka system can be configured so that people can book immediately or cannot book less than 1 hour, 24 hours, etc in advance and the club/company and the customer will get an email confirmation each time a customer does make a booking.  All the users are registered, so the club/company will know who their users are and ibooka even checks that the users email is their real address. It is a great service and differentiator but best of all only costs a few pennies per booking (about the cost that a phone call to make the booking would cost) and no other costs !


It's so cost effective and simple !

ibooka is a innovative concept in online reservations and booking. When you sign up to ibooka you don't need to buy any more computer equipment, you don't need to be a computer expert, you get your own personal secure reservations web site that looks exactly like your existing web site and links from it, you don't need any IT operators, you can take payments for your services over the internet and you don't need to buy any software. In fact all of this is available on a trial basis that is free of live transaction fees and then after that there is just a very small fee of a few pennies for each transaction (about the cost of the phone call, if the booking was previously made that way).   Some ibooka customers cost justify and get a return on investment on Ibooka within days or even hours. 

With ibooka there is no long term contract to sign up to, if you don't feel it is helping your business or that you are making additional money from the system then simply stop using it and there are no more fees.

Whatever your business, ibooka provides a booking and reservation solution that will save you time and money; and it is so simple that your customers and staff will love it.  Examples of how ibooka helps companies in many different industries may be found on our Solutions page.  You can sign up today by using the sign up button on the left or contact us for more details  for any specific questions or review the Frequently Asked Questions section on this site.

ibooka is an exciting concept of a 'pay-as-you-go' on-line booking, reservation and appointment service that brings businesses and their customers together over the Internet. 

Missed bookings cost money. Employing staff just to book appointments costs money, Buying and implementing a complex booking system can cost tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of pounds and need expertise to maintain and operate. ibooka is different. It provides the solution through a simple to use online booking service that is accessed by you and your customers over the internet. Data resides at our secure booking processing center.  Every ibooka customer has their own secure separate site that has the same 'look and feel' as the rest of their corporate website with the extra functionality of online bookings. Implementation and associated management are cost effectively available for both large and small organisations alike.


Your customers will love ibooka, it provides them with additional services, 

Your staff will love ibooka, they are released to perform more fulfilling tasks,

Your accountant will love ibooka, it pays for itself from day one!.  

   *  No additional equipment or personnel required.

*  Instantly available to management and customers.

*  Continue to take bookings for your business when you are closed or your staff are busy.  
Free up staff to do what you need them to do.

*  Simple user customisable, no technical experience required.

*  Secure and private to each company in their own web site.

*  Full management reporting and control.

*  Free management transactions, cost effective from the first day.

*  No more complaints of misunderstood telephone calls.

*  100% available, technical issues and disaster recovery fully addressed. 


Want to learn more about ibooka ?  then you can review the ibooka full user guide here:
Access the ibooka user guide  




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